The Bock Saga : An introduction

The Bock Saga : An introduction

Book Title: The Bock Saga : An introduction

Author: Christine Keeler

Format: Paperback | 264 pages

Publication Date: 10 Apr 2019

ISBN-13: 9781091309241

The Bock Saga is the story of mankind as passed down through the generations of the Bock family, whom, according to Ior Bock, was the keeper of an ancient oral tradition that sheds light on the time period from the beginning of prehistory -- also called "Paradiset" -- to the present time. It begins with the first two people dwelling on this earth and ends with the untimely and tragic death of Ior Bock in 2010. It covers a huge time span and an enormous number of events have taken place since then. The Bock Saga narrates this all in great detail. It is, in short, an enormous story...