First Amer 09 : Face Of The Rising

First Amer 09 : Face Of The Rising

Book Title: First Amer 09 : Face Of The Rising

Author: William Sarabande

Format: Paperback | 486 pages

Publication Date: 06 Sep 1996

ISBN-13: 9780553560305

A warmer sun fills the sky as the great Ice Age is ending and a new and savage epoch descends upon the land. Warakan, son of war chiefs and spirit masters, wanders alone in the primeval forest, searching for the mysterious great white mammoth and the totemic power it can give him. He escaped into the wilderness as a boy and has now become a man, torn between his yearning for peace and companionship--and his desire for blood and vengeance. Under the shadowing wings of a golden eagle he is about to fulfill his destiny.