Logic Pro 9 : Audio and Music Production

Logic Pro 9 : Audio and Music Production

Book Title: Logic Pro 9 : Audio and Music Production

Author: Mark Cousins

Format: Paperback | 412 pages

Publication Date: 06 Apr 2010

ISBN-13: 9780240521930

From initial track laying through to mixing, sound design, and mastering Mark Cousins and Russ Hepworth- Sawyer bring you Logic Pro 9. By Highlighting the relevant parts of each application they take you through every step of the music creation and production process giving you all the tips, tutorials and tricks that pros use to create perfect recordings.

The book has full color screen shots illustrating the tools, functions and the new look of Logic Pro 9, and the companion website has audio samples and loops.

Logic Pro 9 covers more than just the software it will help you make the most out of every recording session, and will Illuminate and inspire you creative and sonic endeavors!