A Piece of the World

A Piece of the World

Book Title: A Piece of the World

Author: Christina Baker Kline

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Publication Date: 05 Apr 2018

ISBN-13: 9780008220099

`Graceful, moving and powerful . . . a wonderful story that seems to have been waiting, all this time, for Kline to come along and tell it' MICHAEL CHABON

To Christina Olson, the entire world is her family's remote farm in the small coastal town of Cushing, Maine. Born in the home her family has lived in for generations, and tied to the farm by health and circumstance, Christina seems destined for a small life. Instead, by chance she becomes the inspiration for the artist Andrew Wyeth, and eventually the subject of one of the best-known paintings of the twentieth century, Christina's World.